(Photo Credit: Alissa M Schmidt Photography)


Welcome to Ink & Brush Designs! My name is Stephanie, and I reside in Central Wisconsin. I am a wife, mother of two, Christ follower, and have recently developed a love for hand lettering.  Thinking back, I have always been on the “artsy side,” I was the high school kid who would take every art elective possible to avoid academia.  I was also a dancer.  That was my creative outlet.  Now, aside from dancing around my living room with my kids, I have left dance behind in a sense.

After leaving dance, leaving college, leaving teaching, and becoming a mom, I kind of lost “me.”  Who was I when my kids are gone?  When my husband is away?  When no friends are around?  First of all, that is a frightening thought considering the fact that I am an extrovert.  Second, it was scary because I couldn’t answer it.  Thankfully I stumbled upon lettering.  I tried it, was gifted some calligraphy supplies (Thanks to my sister-in-law), and began practicing.  I don’t want to “over-spiritualize” writing words on paper, but God knew I needed this.  It connects me to others (that extrovert thing again) and has a way of connecting me to Him.

Almost immediately after playing around with letters, people began asking if I would make things for them. Since then, I have had a steady stream of projects to work on – and now, here we are!  I have gained an appreciation for words; how they speak truth, encourage, remind, and communicate emotion.  I am thankful for this path the Lord has put me on and would love for this journey to involve you! Navigate to the “connect” page to see details of what I do and to send me an email!

I look forward to connecting with you!